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Originally Posted by Dayze View Post
I also got a bonus at my last company....$75. awesome.
I hated that ****ing place. SO glad I'm at my current company.
and at the other place, I whopping $.75/hr increase in pay in 3 years.

left that shit hole and got a 40% raise going to the place I'm at now; and got out of the dead-end project controls career. I do NOT recommend that to anyone - unless your from the Middle East. they seem to be passionate about it. why?.....not ****ing clue.
I worked for a company a few years ago where the tight ass owner gave me a bonus. I was the top sales guy in the company and doubled the income of my region that year.

One day a check shows up in the mail with a long had written letter from the owner telling me what a hell of a job I had done and how proud he was of me. Along with the letter was a TEN DOLLAR CHECK. (No bullshit, there are guys that post here that have seen it)

I took the Check and letter into Hobby Lobby and had them framed with some clowns and a Mickey Mouse picture. The check and the letter are hanging in my man cave. I called my direct boss the next day and put in my notice. The owner called me up and asked "why are you leaving?" Heh, that was an interesting phone conversation.

While I was talking with him on the business cell, I went and took a picture of the framed check/letter hanging on my wall in the Man Cave with my other cell and emailed it to him.

Me: "Did you get my email?"

Owner: Yes

Me: "Did you open the picture?

Owner Yes

Me: "That would be why I'm leaving, Ace."
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