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I've been on the Cassel's got to go bandwagon for some time. Been on the Pioli must go too after Orton made this team look decent... and Pioli forced Cassel back on the team. And I really don't think all the apples in the barrel are bad, just 2 of them. One has been taken out... Cassel. The other appears to at least been found and the bad parts stripped away.

I don't do the rep thing either. Don't understand it... but I really haven't tried to either. Got a lot of respect for a lot of people here, and I hope they just know that without me giving them the rep thing.
This team played with a focus last week that has been lacking since Todd Haley was fired.

That total lack of focus is on Romeo Crennel and the coaching staff.

Covitz assigns blame to the players for lack of execution, but the coaching staff has failed to hold these guys accountable.
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