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I know I am in the minority here, but I am anxious to see how these last 4 games play out... for Crennel and Quinn. Not for Pioli at all.

I am of the mindset that Pioli has been stripped of some of his power, and that Crennel is now able to play the players he wants to play.

And it may just be me, but I do believe this team is playing better. Not just last week against the Panthers, but the week before against the Broncos as well.

If Quinn continues to perform as he has the past two weeks, I really think we are going to win more games... hell, maybe all of them. And honestly, I am fine with that.

Cassel and Pioli, or Pioli and Cassel IMO are the two that have been holding this franchise back. Not Haley, and not Crennel.

Now if these last 4 games are the same shit fest we have had to watch the past couple of years, then yes, everyone must go.
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