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Here are the specifics: (first number listed in parenthesis is the point differential, letters are the teams remaining on the schedule, or their record)

*Scrub team has been mathematically eliminated

Team A: 7-4 (I'm behind 202) (Scrub team, me)

Team B: 7-4 (behind 76) (F, scrub team)

Team C: 7-4 (behind 68) (H, E)

Team D: 7-4 (I'm ahead 27) (scrub team, F)

Team E: 6-5 (behind 111) (G, C)

Team F: 6-5 (behind 66) (B, D)

Team G: 6-5 (behind 33) (E, scrub)

Team H: 6-5 (behind 26) (C, scrub)

I'm not seeing many scenarios in which I can get in.

Team E and Team G play each other, so the best they can finish is 7-6.

Team E has a legit chance to lose out.

Team D has a good chance of losing out, but would mean Team F gets to 7 wins.

And of course, I have to win my matchup over Team A in the finale.

Part of me wants to play this week out and see what happens, but it could cost me a spot next year. Picking 4th guarantees me an Elite QB or Foster - if I tank this week, I'm all but guaranteed the 3rd pick, which guarantees me an Elite QB.

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