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Originally Posted by TheGuardian View Post
I was totally wrong about him it seems, and am fine saying so. More than anything, from all the interviews I've seen with him he seems like a really good person, and really intelligent.

My knock on him was that system he came out of, which I thought would handcap him at the pro level, but he looks great so far.

He did have one completely atrocious throw on the interception but the guy is nails and I've become a fan.

I still don't think we could have given up enough to move ahead of the Skins to get him. It would have been something ridiculous to do that, and no one is worth three first rounders. NO ONE.
So a Luck or RGIII are not worth a Berry, Baldwin, and Poe? 1st rounders are great and all if you get great players for them, but I think they are way too overrated. It is because of this that keeps teams from giving them up to trade up for elite players at elite positions.
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