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Hey Quik, I think I figured out what you mean.

It's not hard to find the game saves themselves, they're fairly accessible. But I could see where somebody playing several games at once could get overwhelmed by the lack of organization. All of the game saves are jumbled together in one sub-menu. On the XBox, your game saves are organized by their respective game - that doesn't appear to be the case on PS3.

That being said, I only play one game at a time mostly so for me, it's not a big issue.
Personally, I didn't really struggle to find them -- they weren't where I thought they'd be, but I know it's a common complaint where people aren't sure which file to delete or where their data actually is.
It should be accessible from the game shortcut menu (highlighting your game and selecting Triangle).
Again, I own both systems and definitely play my PS3 more -- but both of these systems have an equal number of faults, IMO.... that is... until The Last of Us comes out and makes all other games obsolete.
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