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For anyone new to this thread TGI's doesn't have the business chops to get by and Roy can't read.
You know Zach, you really know no limits to being a jerk. You are undoubtedly the biggest jerk I have ever met, spoken to or chatted with. You take the cake buckaroo.

You come on here acting so perfect yet you have no balls to speak or answer the truth to any question anybody imposes on you. You expect answers from everybody when you ask yet you do a wonderful rendition of Slick Willie. I have to ask, is Slick Willie your daddy ? Never mind, you won't answer.

It appears your only purpose id to find satisfaction or validation from other posters comments to solidify your own personal agenda, Lord only knows what that may be.

I may be wrong here, I would almost bet that a poll asking CP members here on who is the biggest jerk or arrogant ass is, you would be odds on favorite to win.

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