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Holy Toledo Dudes !

A few things here I wish to speak about .....

First : I have been a member here all but a few months. This place has changed so much over the years and it continues to evolve into a place where " WE, AS FRIENDS " here continue to express our views and opinions that was censored heavily on the old KC Star board.

Second :
It has never been my desire, my intentions to attack or degrade a person or type of people on this BB ( the lone exceptions, TERRORIST ) Truthfully, I think everybody here can agree that if we must give TERRORIST any respect here it is absolutely reprehensible . IMHO, anybody here expecting any member here to respect a terrorist seriously needs a refresher course on American patriotism.

Third : To the many here that personally know me, my family and background, I do not have to explain anything. They know well enough that I live my life with no malice, hatred, hostility towards anybody on this earth, EXCEPT .... TERRORIST !

To the newer members here on CP, Please read the paragraph above this one.

Fourth To Mr. Flopnuts, Direckshun, and others...It was not my intentions to offend the politically correct people here with my comment. Mr. Flopnut gave me the benefit of doubt and I appreciate it beyond despair. To the other members, Obviously, you do not know me well enough to understand the comment the way I meant it. I am quite sure there will be some who will or have already called for me to be banned, something that has never happened to me here. That should speak volume in the fact I just don't intentionally offend anybody. It's never my intentions to offend or degrade anybody here, even when the likes of some members that enjoy to ridicule me or my post at times. Hey, it's a big boys BB and if you can't take the heat here, get out. I have never left or have threatened to leave at anytime.

In closing,I offer my apology to anybody I may of offended. It was not clear of my intentions when using the word raghead with Arabs. It was wrong and I did not type it the way I meant it. I hope this clears this up to the ones who do not know me personally.

But if anybody here find these comments offensive or racial, it's your problem because I do not mean it towards the good Arabs, just the jihadist, terrorist in this world.
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