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I'm no fan of Hamas, but to call these attacks unprovoked is blindness.

there are, on average 3 rocket attacks per day (12000 rockets over last decade or so)

200 rockets were launched BEFORE Israel retaliated...(just in this last barrage over the last week or so...for 3 DAYS Israel did nothing but ask nicely for them to stop)

Come on man...

Why dont you admit the main 'provocation' is that Hamas is UNWILLING to acknowledge Israel's existance, and has 'no peace, no negotiations PERIOD' as mandates.

With the Hamas victory over Fatah (civil war in 06/07), and now Hamas' core group (the Muslim Brotherhood) coming in to so much power, they feel emboldened and now have a plentiful supply of longer range rockets.

Please at least be honest here.

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