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Originally Posted by HolyHandgernade View Post
We don't use taxpayer money. Unions are funded by their member's earnings, the government doesn't do much more than provide a space for them to operate on the facility. Do taxes formulate the revenue that pays my salary? Yes. But, once it gets to me, that's my money, I pay taxes on those same earnings just like anyone else. I choose to send a portion of my earnings for benefits of union membership.

I don't know enough about the NEA to state something definitively one way or the other, but I doubt they have "completely lost the objective of educating our kids". The NEA, I'm quite sure, has many objectives. I don't know what internal measures and initiatives the NEA supports, but I would be careful about using superlatives. The teachers in our district are outstanding and I haven't seen or heard a large backlash against the union from them.
In a private sector union, the union fights like hell against corporate leaders motivated to act in the interest of their company. In a public sector union, they fight against politicians or administrators who may or may not represent the taxpayer interest. In some cases, they can be bought with votes or money. We taxpayers pay your salary and unions are negotiating salary increases and keeping benefits / pensions that are bankrupting government payrolls. That does matter, because your union negotiates what raises you'll get and what the next hired employee will make in benefits. I don't care about the money you make. I do care as a taxpayer when your have pensions and yearly raises that are way beyond what the private sector makes. I don't care about paying good government workers. I do care when the public sector unions have basically developed a system that makes it incredibly difficult to reward good employees because they have to pay for a lot of bad ones and give bad ones handsome bonuses. And so, we the taxpayer pay a shitload in waste from bad employees who weigh down the system.

Ford made the adjustment by going bankrupt and finally fixing their benefits mess. All private sector businesses have, in fact. The public sector has not because again, there isn't that strong motivated adversary to the union that's going to fight for the taxpayer.

As per the NEA, what superlatives? We have one of the worst educational systems in the world. I am not one of those people who believe teachers are overpaid. I'd love to pay them more. But the kind of ridiculous protections they put on teachers, even ones who are clearly fireable. I'm not talking about little performance issues which I know are difficult to measure. I'm talking about teachers who are grossly inappropriate. Teachers are forced to pay union dues. Many of them don't want to. We've created a bloated system where tenured teachers make it impossible for young teachers to keep work. We've created a system where teachers are forced to teach off a rigid curriculum, and teachers are practically punished for going above and beyond. What does it tell you that when Wisconsin gave teachers a choice, many of them opted out? If the union was fighting for them, then why are that many teachers dissatisfied?
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