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Originally Posted by ThaVirus View Post
A friend of mine recently got hired at Target and she was told, with about 40 other overnight coworkers, that "pretty much everyone in the room would be scheduled to work on Thanksgiving". Also, you think if they open to the public at 9 PM the employees will get there at 8:45? Some of you guys are so naive to the way things work. A large portion of them will be scheduled to come in several hours before, effectively ruining their holiday.

With that said, I understand the store needs to make money to pay you and if you took the job you pretty much have to nut up or shut up. I've quit a few jobs over scheduling issues (I was once schedule to work Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve, AND New Years day, ALL IN ONE SEASON- **** that shit!) so there's always that option. The thing is, as someone mentioned earlier, where does it stop? This is obviously an attempt by both Wal-Mart and Target to one-up each other. You just have to wonder where it will stop..
So overnight workers are shocked they have to work overnight on one of the busiest days? LOL

And you guys aren't paying close attention. Target is NOT trying to one up Wal-mart or other stores because they are one of the ones not opening at 8 pm. Sure they don't want to miss out but they are least opening an hour later. And this crap about them getting there a few hours early? Maybe management but the regular workers have no reason to get there before 8:30 if the place was prepared properly the day and night before.
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