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Originally Posted by Mr. Flopnuts View Post
This post was reported. Just like the person of Hispanic heritage post was that resulted in Livesteam getting banned for a week. Roy, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here, however I'd like to make it clear that while DC is not heavily moderated, racial slurs such as this one will result in bannings. There's a lot of dancing around racism that goes on in this forum, and the other moderators have decided that for now that's okay. It's not okay with me, but I believe in a majority consensus. That said, these blatant slurs will not be tolerated, so be ready for a vacation if you insist on using them.
I appreciate the benefit of doubt. All of this political correctness is nonsense when we have our 1st amendments rights.

But if anybody looks at me being racist, all I can say is it's one of the funniest comments on this forum or the history of CP. All of my grand kids are either biracial from the African American, Indian or our Native Indians.Yes, I have grand kids that can pass as Arabs by looking at them.

Proud & Love every one of them and have nothing against the people of their race except a disagreement amongst views.

The Arabs ( idiots, jihadist, etc) have tried to destroy Israel for over 2000 years and they have never learned anything, nada, nothing. How many Arabs are offended by Achmed the Dead Terroist or Jeff Dunham ?

The Liberals of the world think that all Republicans are racist cause they disagree with our POTUS. Crap, we have to dance around this issue because of the idiocy of the Liberals over this. We have to with the Muslim world because Obama says so ?

Political correctness is words of today - tomorrow.

The African American community can have their slag, words, degrading words and use it within their community, yet when it's heard in the whit community, it's their way, their rights,it shouldn't offend the white population. This is nothing more that double standards, screw you people but don't say anything negative that I may take offensive.

I see this crap all the time in the grand kids speak up and tell them they are wrong to act this way. What do you think happens next ?

Yep, they get looked upon as different, being raised by a white mama, an Uncle Tom family. The facts are they are smarter that the idiots that calls them names because we teach them differently.

Yeah, I should just not use any name at all, people are so butthurt over their insecurities. Let's not offend anybody they might go off !

Let's oppress the 1st Amendment.
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