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Screw Palestine, IMHO, there is no Palestine anymore. They have had their chances for so long now since 1948 it's reprehensible to think they should have a state after the death and destruction by those raghead Arabs.
Well, it isn't really that simple....I mean I do see an argument for what you are saying...AND The reason they do not have a state now is quite simply because the Palestinian people, by and large, refuse to acknowledge Israel and refuse to negotiate with Israel and see Jihad / destruction of Israel as the only solution.

However, the Palestinians have as much of a right to a state as Israel according to the mandate that created Israel.

I believe it would be better to grant them their wish, because as it is now they have ZERO responsibility. Think about it....who gets the blame for the rockets and bombs and martyrs that Palestinians send at Israel?

1) Israel (for not allowing Paelstine a state)


2) Hamas and other terrorist organizations (who are actually elected representatives of Palestinians.

The PEOPLE of Paelstine take zero blame in the media and take zero responsibility.

Therefore, we might as well give them a state . Why? That way when the bombs and missiles continue (and they WILL) there will be NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME other than the Palestinians themselves.

Simply put, they need to put up or shut up. They need to take responsibility for their people and as a whole acknowledge that Israel exists and negotiate a peace. They need to abandon the Hamas covenant of 1988. If they continue to elect a government bent on war and with 'zero negotiation' as a platform, then that would be their choice.

If they get a state and continue to launch missiles (which I believe they will) there will be no one else but them.

This logic is similar to why we have to stop meddling in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia etc....

Let the people determine their fate. If they want war STILL after gaining their freedom, then let them have it and they won't be able to blame anyone but themselves.
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