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The Palestinians should have their own state.

Its just too bad they elect parties like Hamas to represent them.

If the Hamas covenant didn't specifically state:

1) Negotiations are a waste of time

2) There can be no peace with Israel

3) The mandate is to destroy Israel

4 ) The ONLY solution is Jihad, there can be no agreements

If their own mandate didn't have these things, they would not only have their own state but they could've spent the last decades improving their citizen's lives instead of spending their time and energy continuing a futile war against Israel.

I am all for Palestine having its own state but they also need to take responsibility for controlling a state. This includes stopping people from firing rockets into Israel.

If the state is controlled by Hamas, and Hamas is at war with Israel, what is the point? That is pretty much why there isn't a state right now....It all comes back to the 1988 Charter which they are not able/willing to part with.

God help them (and us).
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