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Que? Unions don't exist to just dissolve. They dont' exist to kill companies, either, of course, but they certianly aren't required to roll over anytime management asks.

So, hypothetically, if management said we want you to take minimum wage jobs with no benefits, the union shouldn't recommend its employees vote against that plan because, you know, the company is responsible for making its own decisions and if that's what the company wants....?

Yeah, no. Makes no sense.

The union basically told management that there would be permanent disassociation by all involved rather than accept the latest offer. Management "accepted" that "offer." So that's what happened.
The unions SHOULD be about their constituents. But they're not. If they don't have enough faith that business can continue, they should try to find their constituents another job and discontinue labor relations. Not kill the ****ing company and put their constituents out of work.

At that point, if their constituents wanted to stay, they could, but they wouldn't be represented by the union.

Nope. Kill companies. Put our members out of work.
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