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Originally Posted by gblowfish View Post
Ten Things About Last Night's Game

10. Well, look on the bright side. It wasn't a blowout. Still winless at home, but playing better on the road. So hooray for moral victories, I suppose.
It is sad that this is our only salvation out of the Chiefs these days; moral victories and no home field advantage at all.

9. Giving up 13 in regulation ought to be enough to win, and would have been, had two KC TD's not been called back. Succop misses a 33 yard field goal. The defense played as good a game as they did in Arrowhead against Baltimore.I think the reason the game was so close was a combination of KC's defense playing very well, and Pittsburgh's offense playing poorly.
Succop is starting to scare me a bit and he seems a little less reliable each week. In addition, there really was only one TD called back on the hold. The defensive TD was easily an incomplete pass and not even close IMHO.

8. Second half, Chiefs get five penalties for 71 yards, including the monumentally stupid "End Zone Soul-Train Dance Party." When Bowe wasn't dropping passes, he was taunting the Steelers and pointing at his back. Where do these guys with a 1-8 record, get off taunting ANYBODY over ANYTHING? It was clueless, and extremely Raiders-eque. Especially getting a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty for group celebration on a TD that wasn't. The penalty sustained the drive for Pittsburgh. So not only do you not get a TD, you give up a first down on a monumentally STUPID penalty.
Couldn't agree with you more on this. That 15 yard penalty was a HUGE momentum killer and just about as dumb as they come. Romeo should fine all the guys who participated $10,000.

7. Charles had 100 yard on 23 carries. Hillis looks like a white, slower, less illusive Thomas Jones.
Hillis should not be here next year-period.

6. We saw good Bowe and bad Bowe.He only caught four of the nine passes thrown his way. Baldwin pisses himself when given a chance.
Bowe can't help himself, he just is not an elite receiver IMHO. He either "thrills ya or kills ya" as Herm Edwards once said about Tyler Thigpen. Baldwin is turning into another Pioli bust and looks to be hurt. Probably out for a while.

5. The refs did us no favors, but were not the reason we lost. They sure didn't help.
I didn't feel they were too egregious except Moeaki's push off PI was a cheap call.

4. That's why Casshole is Casshole, and that's why the fans hate him.
Don't want to waste anymore time on this chump other than to say "DITTO"

3. Why was Steve Breaston inactive? I just don't get it.
They way they juggle the lineup is indeed strange and another reason I think Romeo and staff sucks.

2. Derrick Johnson played a great game with 13 tackles. Houston played well, Flowers played well, defense was tough. I'm very concerned with Berry's lack of coverage ability.
Agree, agree, agree, agree, and agree

1. At least we broke the 495 minute no lead streak.Will Kung Pao Panda survive the whole year? At this point, I say, why not? What's the difference? Nobody worth a crap is going to want to limp this spittoon full of failure juice to the finish line.
Taking the lead was anti-climatic and when it was 10-0, I thought we were on our way to blowing the #1 but alas it was Matty Cakes to the rescue. I don't want Romeo fired to the end of the year along with Pioli. Let a new GM pick the HC and draft our #1 QBOTF.
It was exceptionally odd last night trying to watch this game. I was like a bi-polar Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I want them to lose, I want them now to win, I want them to lose, I want them to the end of the night I didn't know who the hell I was rooting for anymore.

I guess that is what it's like as a Chiefs fan these days.

Once again, kudos to Gblowfish but that is par for the course!
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