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Originally Posted by gochiefss View Post
we don't need a super elite franchise QB to be good. Even if the guy we drafted turned out to be an Andy Dalton type, that would be leaps and bounds better than what we currently have.
WTF? Do you want to be an average team or compete for championships?

Originally Posted by Woodsponge Chuckpants View Post
I have really wanted Marty to come in and be a consultant for several months. Now that it is happening, I am having my doubts about it. Originally, I thought Marty would come in and speak only to Clark and he would be a guy Clark could trust. I thought maybe he could teach Hunt about the business and police Pioli at the same time.

Unfortunately, now I don't think that's the case. This makes me think Pioli's clearly got Clark by the balls if Marty is telling Clark to be patient. I think Pioli has Marty by the balls. Pioli probably thought it was in his best interest to keep his enemy closer than his friends.

Pioli probably called Marty before Clark did. That's the way psychopaths work. It suprises me that so many still underestimate Pioli so much.
Are you bi-polar?

Originally Posted by POND_OF_RED View Post
I agree. I just don't want to see us reach on Smith or Barkley and waste a few more years giving them a chance only to start over again. My post was not to say we need a LB more. Just that these QB's really suck IMO.
Did you think Roethlisberger and Rodgers sucked too?

Originally Posted by Woodsponge Chuckpants View Post
Have you watched these guys play? Let's just take Tyler Bray for example. He is something like 1-14 against SEC teams and he has had the best WR core in the SEC.

Why on earth would you think he can win a Championship?
Having the 113th ranked scoring defense might have something to do with it..
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