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Let's be real shall we?

Our defense matches up pretty well with Pitt. We played them very tough last year with Tyler ****ing Palko. They have a wounded O-line, their 2X SB winning QB got KO'd, and they were operating with a 3rd string RB from GT (who I love, but is not above average by any stretch of the imagination). Additionally, they were missing their other top 30 WR and were able to beat the Chiefs with a QB who has throwing mechanics that makes Tebow say "Hot damn, is that what I look like? Jesus".

IF you think that our DL is elite or even above average, you're mistaken. While this D can play well at times, this was a D taking advantage of a unique situation and was able to play to it's strengths due to to poor playcalling and a sad misuse of exploitable matchups.
There is some thruth to that, but there are a couple of things that that also contributed to the showing by the defense.

First, I thought Gibbs did a good job of scheming in the middle against Heath Miller, who was usually bracketed by Belcher in front and Berry behind.

Then, I have had a difficult time coming around on Dontari Poe because I absolutely hated that pick, but he played, imo, his best game, and really created opportunities for DJ.
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