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Originally Posted by Ugly Duck View Post
Way back in the early part of the campaign, I was convinced that Romney would win big. I figured that the Republican strategy would be an insurmountable combination of "Citizens" United-fed dark money propaganda augmented by voter suppression. After the voter suppression laws got struck down in state after state, I felt a little better, but still figured Mint Rawmoney would win with the billionaire-funded propaganda campaign. Then the fact-checkers checked the Rawmoney ad lies & I felt a little better but still wasn't convinced the propaganda campaign would fail. I wasn't anywhere near the Republi bubble & was biting my nails on election night.

Florida to finally finish counting ballots today

8:22AM EST November 10. 2012 -

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Florida will soon finish counting its presidential ballots and it appears likely that Barack Obama will get some padding for his re-election win.

The state's 67 counties have until noon Saturday to finish their counts and report them to the secretary of state.

As of Saturday morning, the president led Republican challenger Mitt Romney 49.9% to 49.2%, a difference of 64,000 votes. Romney would have to cut that lead to 42,000 votes for there to be a recount. The winner will get Florida's 29 electoral votes.

Obama has already clinched re-election, leading in the Electoral College vote 303 to 206.

A win would give Obama victories in eight of the nine swing states, losing only North Carolina. He won Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada.
Do you really think Obama winning is a good thing? Really??? IMO, it was a sad day for America because it shows how reliant or nation has become on the federal government. So enjoy your "victory." I hope it was worth it in the long run. I really do...
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