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Originally Posted by RockChalk View Post
I'm not arguing whether it was good for KU or not. As you said, it was a great thing for KU. And a great thing for Booth to do for his alma mater.

I just felt like Josh tried to paint himself as the one who got the rules to KU. Sure, he filmed it. And he came with the annoying plan to blindside our best and biggest boosters with a request for millions of dollars. I just feel that since his whole purpose was to be the lead dog on getting the rules to KU, in the end, he really didn't do anything at all other than film it.

Oh well. I'm just not gushing over it like I've seen many do on Facebook and Twitter.

Rock Chalk!
I agree some things could have been better, but I don't know how you get in front of those boosters WITHOUT blindsiding them. Had he come out and said, "I'm coming in to ask for money to get the rules of bball back to Kansas," he would have been hung up on before he finished the sentence. He didn't necessarily lie to them, as he was filming a documentary.

As for showing up to places unannounced, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Persistence can be a powerful thing, and in this case it was. I don't think Dr. Allen was upset, and his wifes enthusiasm about keeping the rules out of the dookies hands was proof that there was passion among the Allens as well.

Personally I thought the guy sucked as a salesman. He had a bunch of long awkward pauses when he was making his pitches, and really had nothing to say to the first few boosters that basically told him no. He assumed coming there and breaking some news to these guys was going to singlehandedly sway their decisions.

I gotta hand it to him though, to get the meetings he did in the 20 days that he had, was pretty impressive. Between the big donors, national media, past coaches, the Allen family, past players, etc., he really had to have been busy.

You can definitely tell this was an amateur hour documentary, and Josh is definitely one of the annoying fans of a fanbase, but he "made it happen". Can't fault him there.
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