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You guys are absolutely up against diminishing returns here. Making a different or more nuanced message really won't do shit to change the needle.

I mean its your money and all so whatever.
Eh, I mean I get your point and I think most times I would agree but to me the only way we could actually have an effect is making the Hunt's look bad. This isn't about making Pioli consider our "ideas". Draw attention to what is going on. I certainly wasn't hoping that the media would be looking due to the cheering towards Cassel(although they did care about the banner), but in the end it really couldn't be more clear that this fan base won't accept Cassel any longer. Fair or not, thats what came of it.

I don't care what the nation thinks of our fan base. When we lost playoff games, did the respect other fans had for the fan base make us sleep better? Nope. I am a Yankees fan, and while I usually try to make the point that we aren't all assholes and that I completely get why people hate my team, when the Yankees win I don't feel bad. It almost makes it feel better. I don't think any of us should give one **** what the country thinks of us. Besides that, nobody is going to care about this in 2 months.
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