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Not a chance. There are basically two routes to work he can take from his badass neighborhood (which is already close to the downtown office that he would go to).

Route #1 (the one I would take) has ZERO billboards, is scenic and avoids crazy Dallas drivers... but is probably 10 minutes slower than...

Route #2 (75) has him drive on an often congested freeway which is sunken and has very limited views of any billboards.. there is basically ONE prime location to target. The billboard that smacks you square in the face when you take the Live Oak exit. This one would be the only feasible option, but I doubt he would see it much himself because if I were him, I would probably take Route #1. BUT his employees would certainly see it on the way to the office.

Problem is.. it is PRIME ad space and would likely cost a fortune. may be worth checking though.,,0,-5.56
The whole getting someone to "Actually" see the billboard thing is overrated. Not much more is gained by someone physically laying eyes on the thing.
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