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Saul Good

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Sometimes it's true.


Mark Sanchez*#
Josh Freeman*
Pat White
Rhett Bomar
Steven McGee
Mike Neel
Curtis Painter


Sam Bradford
Tim Tebow*#
Mike Kafka
Jimmy Clausen
Colt McCoy
John Skelton
Jonathan Crompton
Rusty Smith
Dan LeFevour


Cam Newton+
Jake Locker
Christian Ponder
Andy Dalton*+
Blaine Gabbert
Colin Kaepernick
Ryan Mallet
Ricky Stanzi @
TJ Yates*#


Andrew Luck
Ryan Tannehill
Brandon Weeden
Russel Wilson
Kirk Cousins
Brock Osweiler
Nick Foles

Clearly some years are better than others. This appears to be a down year. It doesn't mean there isn't a guy who will be very successful,
but I'm not convinced the top-end talent is there the way it is in some years.

* - started playoff game
# - won playoff game
+ - made probowl
@ - sucks sweaty mule balls

(left out a significant number of drafted QB, because there was no point in listing them.)
Was there no point in listing Matt Stafford?
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