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Originally Posted by Saccopoo View Post
And DaKC, yes to Holgorsen. Woody Hayes has been dead a long time. I'll take a guy like Urban Meyer or Holgorsen who are basically re-inventing the game. (And Holgorsen's offense is almost a 50/50 run/pass system, so it's not like he's just popping short bubble screens all day long. Go watch Smith/WV. He airs it out. A lot.)
No. You want to bring in Holgorsen as an OC, fine. HC - No.

I don't want some guy who has never had any position in the NFL - ever. Coaching college kids is not the same as coaching grown men. Unless you've been with the NFL in some capacity I don't see you getting the respect of the locker room. Remind me again, how many college coaches with no previous NFL experience - ever - have gone on to success as NFL HC's?
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