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Welp, that went about as expected.

0-2. 8th in the league. 4th in points.

The fuller stats won't be out until tomorrow, but I'm likely to be the first- or second-most scored-on opponent.
  • Kendall Wright did what I needed him to do as a one-week rental. Too bad nobody else did.
  • Forte is out for a month. Dez Bryant flaked. Jared Cook flaked. My defense has only given me 21 total points, despite the fact it faced Ryan Tannehill and Blaine Gabbert.
  • LeSean McCoy has faced two tough assignments, so maybe things will ease up as we go forward. He's got to stop fumbling, though.
  • My bench is still laden with injured players and shit backups. Ahmad Bradshaw went down with injury, but the Giants are starting a no name instead of playing David Wilson.
  • Mark Ingram is getting more carries than any other RB in New Orleans, but runs like shit.
I am still trying to build depth. I have dropped David Wilson for Andre Brown, in the hopes that he gets the carries while Ahmad Bradshaw is out. Mark Ingram and DeAngelo Williams flesh out my bench. But I honestly don't know. I also cut Jared Cook, who has a brutal matchup against the Lions, for Martellus Bennett.

I cut Kendall Wright, and brought in Donnie Avery, whom Andrew Luck looooves throwing the ball to. I need a guy who gets ****ing targets.

Matt Ryan
Andrew Luck

AJ Green
Dez Bryant
Donnie Avery
Greg Jennings (out)
Nate Washington (out)

LeSean McCoy
DeAngelo Williams
Mark Ingram
Andre Brown
Matt Forte (out)

Martellus Bennett

Graham Hartley

Houston Texans

Now the choice pops up, one I'll be stewing over all week: who do I start at the other RB position?

Andre Brown @ CAR
Mark Ingram vs. KC (Pierre Thomas is also an option on the scrap heap.)
DeAngelo Williams vs. NYG

The Giants and Chiefs defense alternate between allowing RBs career days, and shutting them down. And Ingram and Williams are both in timeshares so it's hard to figure who will get the carries and where (though Ingram is NO's goalline back). Andre Brown is running against a relatively soft Panther defensive line, and he'll get the carries since everybody hates David Wilson.

Will be a situation to monitor all week. At this point, I favor Brown.

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