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How does Brandon Lafell generally do? I picked him up on the wire this week. Is he worth a start? I honestly don't know much about him.

I have the following slots to fill:


Here is who I have starting so far:

RB: Demarco Murray (probable status)
RB: Kevin Smith (injury prone)
WR: Marques Colston
WR: Roddy White (probable status...groin)
RB/WR: Miles Austin (probable status...hamstring)

Here are the WR's and RB's on my bench:

WR: Kendall Wright, Brandon Lafell

RB: Peyton Hillis, Fred Jackson (out), Felix Jones, David Wilson.

Am I starting the right people? Should I consider making roster moves at this point? Please help, thanks!
Sucks about Jackson or the choice would be easier.
I don't think you can trust Wilson just yet. He may have a great week but the fact that he got pulled after a fumble and never was let back in the game is worrisome. Probably just tough love to prove a point but I don't trust him yet.
I don't think Jones will get enough work.
I think Lafell gets more yards but I think Hillis gives you a better chance at a TD this week. Depends on if you're willing to risk it after that bad performance last week.
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