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Thanks for the effort but that doesn't answer my question.

We can identify/measure any element in the universe, so far as discovered. We understand the building blocks to what we physically see and interact with.

If all that was gone, what would it physically be replaced with? To me it is impossible something higher than us didn't design the conditions we interact with.

You are intellectualizing your way to a religion, which I respect.

Question -- in what space and how do the being(s) that are "higher than us" (agreeing for the moment that it's difficult to quantify such things) exist?

One of the more convenient things about God is that he's insubstantial, existing everywhere and nowhere all at once. I find that too convenient to be particularly believable, but that's fine. Absent such an ability, however, such a being would need to live within the physical confines of the universe, no?
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