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I guess I'm the wrong person to ask about Welker because 2 years ago, he ****ed me good.

I love Garcon this year. DHB I'll never be sold on, but the upside is clearly there. I just think Brown knows the Haley offense now, and his connection with Ben has been tremendous this preseason.
I agree. Wallace was a bit of a gamble. But, really.. Ben throws it to Wallace and Brown. I like Brown a lot too. But, considering MW is in a contract year and is one of the fastest WRs in the league I had to take him.

Welker is a bit of a gamble. But, dude is going to get crazy targets. Every other year in this league (since we start 3 W/T's) WRs or lack thereof killed me. I feel super confident in my group this year. Three times -- the guy who I wanted was selected before. One was Kendall Wright and the other Amendola. I'm forgetting the third.
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