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I thought X1 and X3 were decent when they first came out. After rewatching, X1 hasn't aged well at all and I'd venture to call it crap, while X3 doesn't have much value outside of the action scenes.

Wolverine: Origins was OK. I liked Jackman and Schrieber (sp?) and Ryan Reynolds was great for the 10 minutes he was involved. They royally ****ed up the timeline having Gambit and Blob as 30-somethings in the 80s though, as well as Cyclops and Emma Frost in their late teens. Not to mention the shitcan they put on Deadpool. It has entertainment value but not really a good movie.

X2 and First Class on the other hand were pretty good movies. X2 was completely badass and I really can't think of anything bad to say about it, although it's been a while since I've seen it. Nightcrawler's opening scene, Colossus' first appearance in metal form, and for some reason the scene at Iceman's house with Pyro- all grade A stuff. First Class had the best acting with Fassbender and McAvoy. Magneto is low-key one of my favorite X-Men characters so it was good to see him being such a gangster. My only complaint was that the other mutants were lame (Banshee, tornado guy, and firefly stripper girl).

I'm surprised we've seen so many X-Men movies with no story revolving around the Sentinels. This could be really good if they don't **** it up.
I liked X-2 okay and first class wasn't a bad movie.. it was just a disaster in terms of continuity while blatantly tying itself in with the three X men movies. Both were entertaining.

I hated the wolverine movie as it was nothing but action movie cliche after action movie cliche. I mean I'm still getting both the skyward scream and walking away from an explosion in the same goddamn movie? What is this 1986? That one, more than any of the others, I felt was just a shitty film. I didn't like X-men when it came out and I hated the third film almost as much as that Wolverine movie.

The scene from Iceman's house was an allegory to Singer's homosexuality. It was a 'coming out of the closet' moment. I thought it was forced and came off rather silly personally.. and that was before I figured out why he shoehorned it in there.

As a fan of the series I'm disappointed it couldn't get represented better on the big screen. I loved the way the movies were casted for the most part (Halle Berry was horrible), but not so much the way they were written.
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