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Originally Posted by Direckshun View Post
The people across the Middle East haven't been rising up against the ruling class because the ruling class isn't "radical" enough. They've been rising up against them because their lives are shit and the government isn't doing shit about it, and in many cases making it worse. With, of course, some Islamist elements trying to pounce on the opportunity, which one can't ignore.

That's the whole dynamic of the Spring, though. Look up social contract theory, the guiding principle of the Declaration of Independence. The purity at the heart and soul of that was driving the Spring. And in many places, still is.

With moves like this, the US is just further entrenching itself in the "we don't care as long as we get to make money" -- if we're willing to make money off antidemocratic dictators killing their people in the streets, then we're empty suits.
You mean we are selling weapons to a country in which we have a critical naval base in? Interesting. If we are selling to anti democratic dictators for money's sake alone, then are we selling to Syria? How about Iran? How about almost any other dictator on earth? While you might not agree with what Bahrain is doing, they are a strategic ally in the region and one we can't afford to lose. It is in our best interest in the region to maintain the status quo. You might not like that, but it is what it is and that has been US ploicy since at least the end of WWII.
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