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Originally Posted by lcarus View Post
The world of entertainment really went downhill after the 90s. I guess I'm just an 80s/90s kid
Mainstream entertainment is by and large horrifying and mortifying to me at this point, but at the same time we're in basically a golden age for TV dramas and have had some all-time classic comedies, to boot. It's like a cesspool with a few incredibly clean spots.

Originally Posted by keg in kc View Post
I never really liked Seinfeld all that much, and it's always struck me as one of those shows that was popular because it was the 'in' thing at the time.
Seinfeld is genuinely brilliant, though I might be biased after watching every episode in a row several times over. It weirds me out every time I remember how huge it was.

Also, even the (ignorantly) maligned later seasons feature a lot of the funniest episodes and characters in the series, thus making them some of the funniest things in the glorious history of the medium of television itself.

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