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Ok cool, thank you - so I read through a lot of the fire and ice wiki (I know, but I didn't want to buy the books lol) I absorbed a lot but not as much obviously as you all have. Basically I earmarked all the characters and what I found out, and correct me if i'm wrong, was that basically all the Starks die (except Sansa and Arya and the Jon) and all the Lannister's live, except Joffrey - that about right? That sucks for them, lol here I thought they were the end all Good guys that would come charging back but NOT! I was so hoping for some perceived justice in the form of gruesome deaths
I'm very interested to see how the show maybe changes some of the outcomes, if they do, and the battles are supposed to be epic...can't wait Although I have to say after this, I am going to get the books, reading what everyone has posted I am very interested in the whole story now.
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