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Tyrion gave her as big a virtual bitchslap as she's likely ever had in that three minute exchange, and Littlefinger suffered the backlash, even if he was pushing her buttons.

And I have a feeling that they are going to change the focus every episode between characters like they did this week. Next week, we'll likely see little of Robb and Tyrion, while they focus more on Arya and Danny. I'm assuming.
It will be interesting to see how much time they give Robb since he's ironically not a central character in ACoK.

MORE ARYA! Her arc with her troupe in ACoK was my favorite so GET ON IT!

The Littlefinger/Cersei scene was great! Although I really disliked how, after the guards released him, she ordered them through a synchronized swimming routine. A strange complaint, but it was just odd to me. He got the picture of what she controls. Just lean in and tell him to or next time she won't tell her guards to stay that order.

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