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Basically the two most glaring negatives for Memphis men's basketball (non-power conference + C-USA's TV contract) just got erased. Flipped on their heads, even. I haven't even come close to fully grasping how crazy it's going to be.

Plus football's actually gotten a lot of new injections of money for facility/infrastructure improvements over the past few years, it's just all been masked by the terrible teams Tommy West and Larry Porter fielded (and to be fair to Porter, he was dealing with a pretty bare cupboard talent-wise). I can't help but wonder if the boosters basically mutinying and ousting Porter and RC Johnson to up the emphasis on football even more wasn't a huge part of why this is finally happening now when it should have happened a long time ago.

It's really weird to have something you've been waiting for and disappointed about multiple times for almost a decade finally happen.
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