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Originally Posted by ChiefsCountry View Post
Lots of errors in this post but that is typical.

Missouri only has 6 million people in the state not 8. Missouri State is on the verge of passing K-State in enrollment and will do so easy in the next decade, so that is another faulty logic by you. Not to mention UMKC and UMSL take away students from the main campus. Both of those together are the same size as UMC.
Why are you including UMKC and UMSL? I understand they are part of the Missouri "system" but I wouldn't consider them the same school.

UMKC fields a Division 1 basketball team for Pete's sake. come on man, you're brighter then that.

You are correct on the population. Missouri is more than double the population of Kansas as opposed to slightly less than three times the population.
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