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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
You should tell that to the university officials. They will be relieved to learn that declining enrollment is a good thing. They've even gone as far as to upping recruitment efforts in order to reduce the trend. I'm sure you know better than Bernadette, though.

K-State could be the largest school in Kansas by the end of the decade. If you remove Edwards campus and the med center, they actually just surpassed KU. As it is, K-State has narrowed the gap to under 5,000 after being 6,000 just a year ago.
I believe they set a freshman enrollment record 4 years ago.

Sure it is down since then. Hence the term "record".

The article I read stated that the drop in enrollment is mostly because of less kids in Kansas high schools. Most likely because of the drop in certain places in the country with having children.

Lower income areas of the country are seeing booms in population. Not sure this is the case in Kansas. The population is pretty steady. Never rising and falling very much.

Setting the record for most football and basketball victories by an NCAA Division 1 program in 2008 probably helped set the enrollment record.

But when you reach that high there really isn't anywhere to go but down.
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