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Originally Posted by Pants View Post
I think the number one thing is how many "in state" kids there are. Other things might matter, but not nearly to that extent. I have no idea why KU's enrollment is down, it could be due to football or maybe KSU is pulling more in or it could be some other factors. I just know that if it's between going to an instate school and paying 12k/year (or whatever it is now) and going to an out of state school and paying 20k+ a year, a lot of kids are going to go with instate. That's just the way it is.
MU has like 3k more students than Kansas.

Do you realize how ridiculous that is?

The state has 8 MILLION people in it. Kansas has less than 3. AND has to split the state with another BCS level school.

Thank God the KU enrollment has slowed. That school was about to explode.
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