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Originally Posted by Saul Good View Post
That's funny because West Virginia and Clemson have nearly identical endowments.

I found a list from 2009 that listed 791 schools by endowments. It's not 100% up to date, but I'm going to assume that it's close enough to paint a pretty accurate picture.

Boise State is 437th
Memphis is 246th
UCONN is ranked 189th
Wisconsin is ranked 187th
Kansas State is ranked 182nd
Clemson is ranked 158th
Auburn is ranked 157th
South Carolina is ranked 156th
Oregon is ranked 148th
Arizona is ranked 140th
Virginia Tech is ranked 138th
Florida State is ranked 128th
LSU is ranked 119th
Stanford is ranked 3rd
Yale is ranked 2nd
Harvard is ranked 1st

There is minimal correlation between endowments and athletic performance, and there is no causation because the primary purpose of endowments is not typically to fund athletic ventures. Your point, as usual, is retarded.
Can you provide the link to this list?

I'd like to chart some teams too.

Like... Alabama, Florida, Texas, USC, Ohio State, Miami, Oklahoma, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas

I'm just curious.
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