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Originally Posted by aturnis View Post
KCChiefsfan88 is one of the absolute WORST posters on the Planet. Can't say that I remember ever agreeing with him at all.

What did you say yesterday? This team has no talent?

RB's - top half of the league even with nothing outside of Charles.
WR's - top 5-10 in the league.
LB's - top half of league, top 5-10 3-4
Secondary - top 5-10 in the league

QB's, OL, DL are the only glaring weaknesses this team has. One of which is without a doubt the MOST important position in the NFL.
You were the one claiming the Chiefs shouldn't be active in free agency this offseason because it would "mess up team chemistry" similar to what happened to Philly this season.

Apparently "messing up team chemistry" with a 5-8 team who just fired their head coach is important?
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