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The trailer was epic, the movie was like watching people play COD
If those people were on acid while playing, I could fully agree with you! There really is no discernible camera direction. Its just a mashing of shots from steady and handy cams... and sometimes the shot has a purpose to the story at hand... most of the time it doesn't, but hey, look how fast the camera man can swerve his camera by a bush or blown up car!

The trailer was pretty epic. With that in mind, I also found myself wondering WTF happened to the musical score in the movie... it was terrible. There were scenes that were obviously really bad (as in the things happening were bad), but the score would be uplifting tones and shit... which pretty much just confuses the viewer... "okay, so bad things happening, oh, but there are those uplifting tones again, I guess this will work out for them, uh, nope, dude just blew up. Okay, scary tones now, shit is going to go down! Oh, wow, nope, some kids climbing safely down a rope now..."
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