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Fire Me Boy!

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As part of our extensive coverage of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, we sat down for an exclusive chat with Game Director, Todd Howard, about the world of Elder Scrolls and how it's developed over the previous games.

Read on to find out what makes the Elder Scrolls tick, what his least favourite moment has been, and how the Elder Scrolls community play a bigger role in the game than you might be expecting.

Skyrim! Jewel of the north, farthest frontier of Tamriel. Land of sparkling peaks and gloomy caverns! Land of frost, and giants, and frost giants!

Skyrim! Where wolf packs roam primeval forests in search of juicy, nourishing peasants. Where men in horned helmets smash seven shades of sherbet out of each other with hunks of repurposed masonry. Skyrim! Open to all, regardless of age, race, profession or pillaging propensity, providing you can stomach the risk of being sat on by a dragon.
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