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Originally Posted by ClayWhit View Post

And here is the rest of the First round:


22. Indianapolis Colts: OT Nate Solder [Colorado]. A huge man with good quickness who will become Indy’s long-term answer at either tackle position, though I think he’ll be best on the left side. It won’t take long for him to become Peyton Manning’s best friend on that offense.

23. Philadelphia Eagles: OT Anthony Castonzo [Boston College]. The Eagles gave up 52 sacks this year and while some of that is due to Michael Vick holding on to the ball too long, most of it is because the line isn’t very good at pass-blocking. He needs to get a bit stronger, but that shouldn’t be a problem for someone with his worth ethic.

24. New Orleans Saints: DT Stephen Paea [Oregon State]. The Saints defense was destroyed in the playoffs by a mediocre Seattle offense and the rush defense, in particular, looked in need of an upgrade. Paea isn’t a dominating lineman, but he’s strong and would be hard to move. Teaming him with Sedrick Ellis on the interior of that DL should improve the rush defense almost immediately.

25. Seattle Seahawks: CB Brandon Harris [Miami]. This is a decent value pick that also fills a need for a team with the 27th-ranked pass defense in the NFL. Harris has decent size, is a willing tackler against the run and, as the son of a football coach he’s willing to learn and work hard.

26. Baltimore Ravens: OLB Justin Houston [Georgia]. The Ravens will take Harris if he’s on the board because they have major unaddressed needs in the secondary. They could also use a speedy wideout because the offense looked very slow in the playoffs against the Steelers. However, Houston is a good value here and he should fit in nicely in Baltimore’s hybrid scheme defense.

27. Atlanta Falcons: OT Gabe Carimi [Wisconsin]. The Falcons are solid almost everywhere, but they could use an upgrade at tackle. Carimi is probably a bit stereotyped as a prototypical right tackle, but I think he can play on the left side, too. He’s an absolute beat as a run-blocker, which is something that fits Atlanta’s downhill run game perfectly. One bad playoff loss isn’t a good reason to abandon the things that got Atlanta to 13 wins and Carimi would make those strengths even stronger.

28. New England Patriots: RB Mark Ingram [Alabama]. A powerful runner who seems particularly explosive after contact, Ingram will be a battering ram for an offense that needs to do something other than throw short passes. Having shored up their defensive line with the 17th pick in this draft, the Patriots can make their offense the most well-rounded in the NFL with a downhill runner like Ingram.

29. Green Bay Packers: DL Corey Liuget [Illinois]. The Packers have very few weaknesses, but rush defense was definitely not a strength this season. Liuget is a great value this late in the first round and should be able to really stop running backs from the DE position in Green Bay’s 3-4 defense.

30. New York Jets: DL Muhammad Wilkerson [Temple]. A college sack-master at DT, Wilkerson would be a nice fit for the Jets at DE in their 3-4 defensive scheme. He would likely go much higher in the first round next year, but he’s coming out now so this could be a good value pick, too.

31. Chicago Bears: OT Derek Sherrod [Mississippi State]. The Bears could also target a wideout here, but I don’t think they’ll get complacent about their woeful offensive line. Sherrod is a very talented underclassman who can play either tackle position and would start from day one for this team.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers: OT Marcus Cannon [TCU]. It’s a tribute to the Steelers that they have done so well this season with one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. He can probably play either guard or tackle and since both are positions of need for the Steelers, he’s an ideal selection for them at the bottom of the round.
Don't get me wrong, I like your website, just not the awful awful pick that the Chiefs are given.
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