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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
I'd have to understand what you mean specifically. With 300 and Watchmen, he was making a movie based on materials that already existed, and his job was to capture the mood of these established pieces of work on the Silver Screen. He did this very well with both Watchmen and 300. I'm not sure what sort of "substance" you could be looking for out of these movies, because they were both faithful to the sourcework.
Surely you realize that just because something works on paper in comic book form doesn't mean that it will translate well to film. And Watchmen was not completely faithful to the source. Even if it were, that doesn't mean that it would make a great film, panel for panel, shot for shot.

Without you commenting specifically about the substance you think was lacking, I have to believe that you're just one of these types who finds enjoyment in being hyper-critical because it's cooler not to like something, than to like it and have to defend it.
I have to believe you haven't read the whole thread, then. I've outlined my criticism of Watchmen quite clearly, as well as my defense of TDK and why it was good. I'm pretty easy to please. I really loved 300. But to pretend that it was ANYTHING more than style is just ludicrous. And to his credit, it has been copied in Spartacus, which I also love. But I don't want to see take on the 300 style, nor do I want to see shot in the same slow pace, porn-style of Watchmen. Not good for Supes.

This is exactly why Snyder is the right choice for this. With Batman, it wasn't visually stylized in the way that 300 or Watchmen were. It had it's own gritty style, but it was very connected to flesh and bone reality - as though this is something that could really happen. With , the challenge is keeping the viewer's suspension of disbelief in tact, and this will be much easier to do if the viewer is lost in the art while following the movie.
I think the style of the movie is much more compelling if it complements the film instead of taking over. I don't want to be lost in the art of a film. If I wanted that, I'd just watch Final Fantasy movies over and over again. There's got to be a good balance, which is why I hope Nolan can keep him in check.

I'm neither for nor against it. I just know what I don't want to see.
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