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Originally Posted by BigCatDaddy View Post
Because Fedor has only 1 career loss and he didn't get dominated for nearly 5 rounds of a fight only to pull one out of his ass at the end. I don't think he is the same dude he was 5 years ago, but he still should be considered a P4P elite.

Shogun has a great resume. 2 Wins over Overeem, a win over a prime Rampage, Little Nog, Arona, etc.... He obviously wasn't the same guy when he first showed up in UFC that he was in Pride. He is also fighting in a much more difficult weight class. Silva fights at the weakest weight class in MMA, probably because he knows he would get his ass handed to him against the elite LH's.

If it had been a close fight throughout then yeah, I say great fight great win, but to get dominated for 23 minutes and then pull one out your ass is less then impressive. Sonnen is obviously the better fighter despite the outcome. I don't know what the hell got into him that has made him improve so much in the year or so, but right now he is the top 185lber in the world in my eyes. He dominated Marquardt, Miller, Okaimi, and Silva in his last 4 fights. Maybe Shields, I don't know.

Jones has destroyed every guy put in front of him so far and I would say Hamill and Vera are both top 15 LHW's in the world. Neither had a chance against the guy. I'm really not sure what the hold up is on him. Then need a fight with him against Machida, Franklin, or Thiago Silva for a shot at Shogun once he puts Rashad to sleep. Although a 3rd Machida-Shogun fight would be worthless since Shogun beat him twice already.
And I once again fail to understand how you credit Shogun for his "resume" and fights he won 5-6 years ago, but then bash Silva for ONE bad fight (which he WON, btw...he didn't get subbed like Fedor and Shogun did, he actually WON his fight. Why are you ignoring Silva's resume? One bad fight wipes out six years and running of being undefeated? Of beating some of the best MW's and LHW's in the world? You must have some irrational hatred of him that I don't understand. Silva has earned the respect to be considered one of the best in the world until he loses..and that hasn't happened yet.

Originally Posted by TheGuardian View Post
OMG. He fought Forrest on a completely bum knee. EVERYONE knows that. The guy could barely walk. He then ran through Machida TWICE (everyone knows that first loss was bullshit). And he'd walk through Silva if silva had the nuts to go to 205 to face him.

I still rank Silva one of the best, but he has most def been exposed as having trouble with great wrestlers and fighting from off his back. This can't be disputed. I also think you have to rank him easily below GSP in the best P4P fighter department.
So Shogun is allowed the injury excuse, but Silva isn't? Even though it was revealed post-fight that he fought against doctor's orders? Even though he was seen pointing to his ribs after the first round? Even though Chael Sonnen admitted afterward that he believes Silva did have bad ribs? Okay.

I don't have a problem with ranking him below GSP, I would too. I just think it's ridiculous to see such a lack of respect shown for a guy who has accomplished what Silva has.
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