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Originally Posted by BigCatDaddy View Post
Silva is no way involved in that discussion after been beaten badly for that many rounds in a row like that. You could say it's GSP and nobody else, but I honestly think right now Bones Jones is that guy. It's just a matter of time before he proves it. I think GSP could move up to 185 and do the same thing to Silva that Connen did and probably stop it with a submission.

Don't forget Shogun won the pride grand prix beating HW's in the process. He has had some injury issues, but now that he is back at full strength I don't see him losing for some time, much less being man handled for 4-5 rounds like Silva wa.

Also what a bitch of an excuse Silva laid out there at the end for getting his ass kicked. He said he had a broken rib or some bullshit.
So how do you explain ranking Fedor in your top 5 after he just tapped out? Apparently in your world, tapping out early in a fight is more impressive than a come from behind win? Not sure I understand that logic.

I also think it's funny how you crucify Silva for his most recent fight, but then go and use Shogun fights from five years ago to defend putting him above Silva. Here's what we know about Shogun's recent body of work - he got tooled by Forrest Griffin and beat up on washed up Chuck Lidell and even more washed up Mark Coleman. Impressive, eh? Now the two fights with Machida ARE impressive and he's certainly worthy of being ranked as one of the top fighters in the world, but looking at that resume and then telling me that he's been more dominant than Silva is laughable at best. Almost as laughable as ranking Jon Jones as one of the top 5 pound-for-pound fighters, and ABOVE ANDERSON SILVA. Are you kidding me? He's a great prospect, but let him accomplish something first before you crown his ass.

Sonnen fought the perfect fight and Silva had an off night, whether it was the ribs or something else, who knows. But a win is a win and Silva showed what an amazing fighter he really is by hanging in there, withstanding the punishment and finding a way to pull out the victory. Was it his best performance? No, but the logic that an ugly win drops him below guys who have had much uglier LOSSES in recent memory is completely ridiculous.
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