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Originally Posted by pikesome View Post
I wonder if there isn't going to be a Corleone style conclusion to this season. They've already set up the Belfast SoA's presence for dealing with Chib's family. They can turn Westin against Zobell but in the end both will need bullets. And please let something really bad happen to Zobell's daughter. Jimmy O has to be dealt with and just letting him go down to the ATF might not be the way to keep the Real IRA connection. As well as the father/son IRA dudes. A lot of threads to clip in only two episodes, the last a 90 min one.

They also have been setting Clay up for an end to his presidency. The arthritis would have been enough but now that the Opie deal is more widely known Clay's going to have problems.

An interesting idea, depending on what they want to do with Pearlman, is to have Jax succeed at the end of the season or beginning of the next. Being king isn't as simple as being prince and there's the little detail of Stalh knowing what happened to Agent Kohn. He might find being in charge is like riding a tiger.
Thing is, the IRA is the one aspect/faction of that show that is somewhat difficult to get real read on due to it's international scope. SOA Belfast can't pull a full-on Corleone against the IRA; there is just NO ****ing way.
But they could, over time, infiltrate and assume gradual power as Jax and Opie work their thing stateside. This is just guessing of course, but I can forsee Chibs taking back what was his, and heading back home to his family while overseeing SAMCRO's stateside interests.
The other factions are your basic, California gang fodder. I applaud the writers and producers for not going half-assed and just throwing the Russian mob/gun suppliers directly in to the mix because that's not a hard one to figure out.
And with the success of the show, I think SAMCRO's battles will have to be fought one at a time and methodically. This was hinted at, more or less, when Jax proclaimed that it was time to get smart and start working the angles.
We'll see.
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