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Originally Posted by Tribal Warfare View Post
Ope had Stahl crying like the little bitch she is.
No shit. And people wonder why some people have a problem with Feds and the upper echelons of Law Enforcement. As far as I'm concerned, that little town, with the arrangements between SAMCRO and the local authorities is pretty good system of keeping the community and the people in it in-check.

Originally Posted by Deberg_1990 View Post
Damn..2 more episodes left.

Looks like "white power" is gonna get a serious beat down. I cant wait!
I just about pissed myself when I saw they were going to settle it "Outsiders"-style with a good old fashioned rumble. That's gonna' be ****ing EPIC. Though his character will ultimately lose, I've witnessed Henry Rollins throw down live and in person with nazi-skins and other assorted ****heads during and after a show, and let me tell you; that mother****er can FIGHT.

Originally Posted by OmahaChief View Post
The outlaw had mercy. Loved that line.
Opie is the mother****ing MAN. And it looks like he and Jax are on their way to planting the seeds for a coup d'etat of the MC.
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