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NB/CM bars

There's not much to be said about anti-SD/Oak bars, but the better places to watch the games will be:

Newport Beach:
Rudy's (32nd/Newport). Ton of tv's and a good crowd.
Sharkey's (Newport Pier). Not my favorite, but a younger crowd, good looking women and some sort of cheap champagne deal on Sundays. Not all seats are good, and the Chiefs game is typically relegated to a smaller (and out of the way) tv.
The Place (on PCH in Corona Del Mar). Only 5 tv's, but a good place to watch with good food. Fantastic for Thursday night games for some reason.
NB Brewing Company (30th and Newport). Same problem with tv's as Sharkey's but great breakfast and drink specials.

Costa Mesa:
Classic Q's (On MacArthur south of the airport) Ton of tv's, pool tables and the general manager is a Chiefs fan, so games get good placement. Food and drinks are pricey, but good atmosphere. A lot of people that watch games here bet, so there's always a good amount of excitement over some score. I am typically here 5-6 Sundays during the season.
Garf's (on Bristol south of 405) A real dump. But I still love it. Enough tv's, but not enough near each other to watch 3 at the same time. Cheap beer and eats.
Corner Office (On Anton near South Coast Plaza) Lots of tv's, big menu, and fans from every team. All that said, I just don't care that much for this place. Some people love it. Drinks are pricey.
Skosh Monahan's (Newport and 20th) Great food, but not enough tv's near each other so if you wanted to watch more than one game, you may be disappointed. Better for afternoon games when there's only 3 or 4 on.

Huntington Beach:
Don't go to Huntington. Don't be that guy.

Enjoy these. Have fun this season
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