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Originally Posted by pestilenceaf23 View Post here is my one issue.

It's going to be hard to judge our teams based on redrafting for the Chiefs. Say for instance I take Ron Brace to be our NT in the 3-4. Well if you judge just based off of stats and how he played....I'm going to get screwed because he'll be backing up Vince Wilfork and he won't be getting much playing time.

A second instance of that is if I draft someone for my 3-4....but he plays in a 4-3. His stats are going to be skewed (if he even starts).

Understand where I'm going with this?
that's why I don't like the idea of judging by stats, i think we may have to trust that everyone voting knows what kind of a season a player had or would've had based not only on stats
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