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Originally Posted by beach tribe View Post
I still can't believe no one wants to take part in a draft challenge. making your own picks on the clock for the chiefs this season, ans seeing who really knows their shit when it comes to the draft. It wouldn't be that hard, and would show who REALLy knows about prospects.
How the **** am I supposed to know what the Arrowhead CIA is going to do "on the clock"? You want me to put my OWN team together comprised strictly of draft picks and then see who has the highest numbers at the end of the season, I can do THAT.

You want me to pick the biggest impact player from the Chiefs top 4 this year? I can do THAT, and I'll kick everyone else's asses doing it!

But with the Chiefs new MO's, there's no way in HELL I'm jumping in to trying to predict their minds on draft day.
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